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As long as it provides clear objectives, clear rules for action, and a way to concentrate and become involved, any goal can serve to give meaning to a person’s life.”Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience,” by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

I am not playing the game this year.

I am not making any New Year resolutions.

I am perfect just the way I am.

You are perfect just the way you are.

I am however setting goals.

What is the difference?

To me, a resolution implies changing something that doesn’t work.

The implication is that something about me is broken and I need to fix it.

Instead, I prefer to set specific goals that I want to accomplish.

I don’t need to be fixed.  I can’t be fixed.  But I can evolve.

While striving to improve myself, my life, I will focus on the things I want to achieve.

I will not focus on the aspects of myself that I don’t like or that don’t seem to work.

We are human beings, and as such, we are works in progress.

I expect to be unhappy a certain portion of the time.

I WANT to be unhappy a certain portion of the time.

If I were satisfied with everything, with the status quo, I would be stagnant.

I would be dead.  In order to grow as human beings we need to occasionally feel discomfort.

When there are too many demands, options, challenges, we become anxious; when too few, we get bored.”

My disorder complicates my life.  My disorder is my discomfort.

But it also challenges me to search for new ways to give my life meaning, to give my life balance, to give my life substance.

If my life were perfect I would be bored.

There is no good without bad, no happy without sad.

To strive to be happy all of the time is foolish.

Perhaps, instead, we should strive to be happy/joyful once each day?

Perhaps, instead, we should strive to make someone else happy/joyful, once each day?

To that end, once again I offer up a little levity in the form of Calvin & Hobbes.

Tear up your list of resolutions for this year.

Don’t buy in to the need to change.

Instead, buy in to the desire to grow.

Maybe that seems like semantics, but to me there is a huge difference.

Resolutions are based on fixing something, and that’s negative.

Goals are positive; they are something to strive for.

What counts is not so much whether a person actually achieves what she has set out to do; rather, it matters whether effort has been expanded to reach the goal, instead of being diffused or wasted.”

Being bipolar is a daily challenge.  But it is also a blessing.

I am who I am because of it.  I mean really, who else would I want to be?

Okay, so that’s a rather long list, but it’s also beside the point.

I am who I am so I might as well make the best/most of it.

To all of you who have taken time out of your busy day to read these words I thank you.

I write them in a vacuum, but I know from the stats that they have a life beyond my keyboard.  My GOAL for the New Year is to keep writing.  To write more.  To add value to your life by sharing what I know, because you add value to my life when you share what you know.  We are all in this together.

Happy New Year!!!!!


“The good news is that there is a way out of the dark forest.  The bad news is that the way leads through hell.”

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