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If there’s more to life than this, I don’t know what it is.”  “The Indispensible Calvin and Hobbes,” by Bill Watterson

My friend, Sarcastic Bastard reminded me today to take life a little less seriously.

So I am putting away all of the books on happiness and bipolar disorder and depression and attention deficit disorder for the weekend and going to the beach.

Bad Mood

I will not think about the pharmaceutical companies or the little pink pills or the tiny blue capsules my doctors are always encouraging me to take.

I will not TRY to be, I will just BE.

I will TRY not to over-think every thing.  (I’m afraid “trying not to” is about all I can promise on that one.)

I will try to enjoy myself without the aid of Ketel One.  (But again, no promises)


I will not read anything heavy, or depressing, or self-helping, or motivational.  I will read literary stuff that is meant to be entertaining, not enlightening, not thought provoking—ENTERTAINING.

I suggest you do the same.  Life is short, but if you work it right, it’s just long enough.

Calvin & Hobbes 1

My favorite strip of all time

And no, I’m not manic.  I’m just content from spending a few minutes thinking about the good things in my life and for the small pleasures that are unexpected, yet mean so much.  Like Calvin and Hobbes.  Funny AND thought provoking.  The best of both worlds.


Have a nice weekend.  Marco


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