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The symptoms [of depression] tend to wax and wane.  The depressive may find a good hour or two in the day, and enough energy to fake it for awhile.  That is the progress we have made—from the horrific to the terrible.” “Against Depression” by Peter D. Kramer 

It’s both fortunate and unfortunate how many other blogs and websites there are out there dedicated to, or incorporating, the issues of mental health, particularly bipolar disorder and depression.  Fortunate that there is a resource for people, unfortunate in that there are so many people who are suffering.  And I don’t use the term suffering lightly.  I know from personal experience that the symptoms come and go with varying degrees of strength, but when you are having an episode (high or low) it can be devastating.  You can be immobilized.  You can be desperate. 

And because of that, for some people, drugs are the answer, even if they are only a short-term solution.  I want to make sure that anyone reading these posts understands that I do not advocate coming off of any medication they might be on, and neither do I want to discourage anyone from trying pharmaceuticals in an attempt to alleviate their suffering. 

They just don’t happen to work for me.  Lithium was probably the one drug that I had the most success with.  Even though it sucked my creativity dry, I could have lived with that because it evened out my moods and allowed me to participate more fully in the world (just not creatively.)  But when the depression returned, and lingered, with no sign of letting up, I made the decision to stop. 

The next drug (the last drug) I was on I will not name because I know that there are individuals reading this that it seems to be working for.  But not only did it not work for me, for the first time in my life I had suicidal thoughts.  And they weren’t fleeting.  They lasted for days.  Had me praying to God for divine intervention to spare me from the thoughts, and worse yet, the deed. 

Then I did something you are NEVER supposed to do.  I stopped cold turkey.  I stayed in bed for several days to ride out the storm.  I slept the better part of a week away.  I did not have suicidal thoughts before I started taking this drug, and I have not had them since. 

What I am attempting to do here is not groundbreaking.  It’s just me, doing it in my own way, with the limited resources that I have, and hopefully the comments and encouragement of like-minded people who are also looking for a more holistic solution.  The ideas on these pages are not intended as an alternative to drug therapy.  Their intention, if one exists, is to uncover new ways of thinking about how we accommodate the disease in our lives so that we can proactively, if not eliminate, at least diminish its power and effects. 

If you came here looking for answers, I hate to disappoint you.  Here you’re likely to find only questions.  Feel free to add your questions to the mix.  And answers, if you happen to have any, are not only welcome, but encouraged.

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